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2004 BMW M3

  • Bay City, Michigan

  • 63,045 Miles
  • Exterior:

    Pheonix Yellow
  • Interior:

    Imola Red
  • City MPG:

  • Highway MPG:

  • VIN:


    Rare Orange Title and Even More Rarer Pheonix Yellow Paint

    Here we proudly present a playful and affordable E46 M3 slick top factory light weight that is unmodified and completely stock.


    The paint work is flaking, yet still turns heads where ever it goes. The bodywork is perfectly straight throughout and there is no frame damage. I have been in every corner and they all appear to be straight and from the factory.


    The Imola Red leather interior is also in beautiful order and everything inside of course functions just as BMW intended. A/C is ice cold. The M3 boasts the light weight manual sports with shoulder support. Very low optioned car makes this a great place to play.


    Fresh Oil change in the 333hp 3.2L I6 runs great and loves to rev. The SMG gearbox is nice alternative to a true manual and shifts well. The CEL is on due to the ambient air sensor thinking it is 122f outside. I guess you’re going to have to pull your phone out to check the weather. This does not effect the performance of the this ITB breathing beast.

    The Drive:

    These E46s are such playful cars. Any car naturally aspirated car that makes more than 100hp per liter is special. The turn in is immediate and lets you know when you’re on the limit. While egging you to push past.