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Welcome to Anomaly Autosport

Bay City's best choice for odd AUToMobiLeS? 

We don't sell traffic here. Find your Equinox elsewhere and we don't care about your Subaru either. But if you are looking for an exciting transportation solution at minimal cost due to a lack of depreciation, we are your people. Looking for Risk Takers, not Clout Chasers. 

Our knowledgeable sales representatives are committed to providing you with a "no-pressure" buying experience. Actually we are gonna try to talk you out of it. It's always sad to see them go. Every time one sells a little piece of us goes with it. What part are you gonna get?  

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Our goal is always 100% satisfaction. See what some of our previous customers had to say about their car buying experience!

Nov 07, 2021

Fisher Crowe (Ghost)

It was an amazing experience,cars there are extraordinary and I can only dream of owning all of them!

Nov 18, 2020

David Deane

Nic has a nose for great, well taken care-of cars and a business model to back it up. I was totally comfortable with his approach and surprised by a level of service and attention that is truly an “anomaly” in this business. I traveled 600 miles to work with him and am already planning to have him find my next car.

Oct 28, 2020

Debbie Dubbs

Purchased a BMW 328XI. Love the car and the service was great.

Oct 28, 2020

Shawn MacDonald

Great experience at a rough time. My Audi was totaled when a driver ran a red light and cleaned my clock. I was looking for a daily driver that I could just pay cash for and Anomaly had a bunch of cars that I loved, but one that was a perfect fit for me. There was one issue after I purchased, but Nic took care of that for me and the car runs great. When I decide to pick up something new, Anomaly Autosport will be the first phone call I make.

Sep 11, 2020

jordan allen

Nick's a great guy just getting his start. Nick had my cars for a year+ and just sat, and needed a $1000 plus to get them running again. His commission is double market and he just posted it on I don't think he posted anywhere else. I'm just glad they are sold and the nightmare is over. I wish Nick the best, but I'm not sure he'll be around too long with the never ending fees.